Licorice Silk Top

Hello! So… How fun is this fabric, OMG. Licorice Allsorts!! And best of all, it’s a silk crepe de chine, one of my most favourite kinds of fabric.

This is another top of my own design (previously made here), this time featuring binding and a fun ruffle at the neck. And to top it off, a cute bow.


And, I didn’t realise how well the angular design lines suited the fabric until afterwards; they complement the geometric nature of the sweets. Why not??

angular design lines down the back

I frenched seamed everything except the seams along the back (way too curvy, no thank you!!) So they are just overlocked. Sorry…forgot to take photos of the insides! But I promise they are not as cute as the outside.


The ruffle was really hard to hem. I could have bagged it out as two layers, right sides together, but I wanted it to be as lightweight as possible. Out came the rolled hem foot, but it doesn’t behave so well on super bias edges. It probably would have been easier to just stitch it in two passes. I finally got it looking good but I had to redo spots as the rolled hem foot pitched a fit (definitely nothing to do with my handling, ahem).

As you can see, the ruffle goes to the shoulder and is caught into the shoulder seam, leaving the back neck plain.

Oh, and the best thing is I can get it over my head! I thought intially I would have to do a hook and eye or snap at the front, but ta-dah, it fit over my head so I went for easy mode!

So yeah I basically feel like this top is super cute so I’m really happy with it! I am enjoying playing with this design and I’m pretty into it so I’m planning to release this as a pattern…but guys, don’t hold your breath please! The wheels are turning, but ever so slowly. lol! I’m super keen to hear any and all feedback of course 🙂

Merry Christmas btw 😉

Sewn: Yoked blouse

Hello! This week I’m going sheer with a yoked design that I made the pattern for 🙂

This is another style that’s been rolling around in my head for a while! I definitely have plans to make some variations of this up in my ‘nice fabric’, so I treated this as a prototype (or as people call them, a ‘wearable muslin/wearable toile’). Continue reading “Sewn: Yoked blouse”

Knitted: Hooded cardigan

OK, so this took ages… I started it over 2 years ago?? My knitting  has really slowed down, due to life being too busy, and being pretty unwell last year…

So this is the Melia Pattern by Ysolda Teague (link to my notes on Ravelry here). I modified a few parts (as I always do! Look it’s a compulsion, don’t blame me).

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Repairing Threadbare Jeans

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you an inspiring repair technique that really is SO satisfying. You will feel like a cosmetic surgeon of garments 🙂 I did this repair on my husband’s jeans and he was amazed 🙂


And of course, repair is totally in sync with slow fashion ideals. Repair is one of the most sustainable things you can do; extending the life of garments is so important!

Read on for how I did it. 🙂

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How to create a tie casing

Hello! I thought I’d share how I made the tie belt casing for the Mānuka dress which I posted last week!

The base dress pattern uses belt loops, but I decided to use a casing this time for a different look. I feel it controls the fullness of the dress in a slightly more structured way than the tie belt + button loops.

The best thing is that you can use this technique on so many other styles too!

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Hi guys 🙂 Have you heard of #sewphotohop?  It’s an instagram challenge put together by Rachel at House of Pinheiro. Participants share a picture daily based on the designated prompt and tag it with #sewphotohop.

I’ve decided to participate, although it will be a challenge! You can check it out on my instagram and I will also be sharing to my facebook if that’s your preferred way of keeping in the loop!

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been putting up recently on instagram. This challenge is pushing me to share more of my creative process and a bit more about myself!

My goal is to be blogging weekly, but I think instagram works well as a way to share little snippets. I also plan to share some sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts too. And I can’t help but share some of my designs in progress.

Please come join me! I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the various social medias and what you do and don’t like about them 🙂

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Sewn: Vintage Top

Hi guys! I made a black thing! Yeah, I know, why would I make something so hard to photograph?? And besides, black isn’t really my thing. However, the dress code at my new work place is black (ugh), so I will probably be making a few black things. Not the most exciting…sooo, sorry in advance. But hey, there are some upsides. Black can be a good canvas to experiment on – if a design still manages to be interesting when made in black fabric, then it’s probably pretty good!

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