Sewn: A refashion

Hi! First proper post on the new blog. Welcome! I hope it’s new and improved. I am planning to get back to posting because I enjoy sharing with the creative community 🙂

This was a fun project. I want to do more refashioning since it’s low cost, and better for the environment! My main motivation for this garment was the coooolest possible garment, since our summer was SO HOT!

I made the original form of the dress out of rayon crepe, from an unimaginative Vogue pattern, and I really liked the fabric but the design was a bit boring and blah for me.

Vogue 8465
Me looking crazy in a tree, wearing the original (the shoulder strap came loose and is hanging out inside the bodice- one more black mark against the original design)

Also, in the original garment, I didn’t make a very good choice by lining it with another rayon crepe. You know, there’s a reason linings are lightweight! I felt like it made the dress a bit bulky around the straps, and the garment was thicker than it needed to be. I wanted my re-fashion to be much cooler and breezier to wear. So, I unpicked the lining. Now, the dress is unlined and finished with binding around the neck and armholes.

Another thing I didn’t love about the original was that it was just tiny bit too short. As you can see, my gathered tier fixed that!

Hah the hem looks super uneven, but it’s partly the way I’m standing. And… partly shoddy workmanship, I believe.

I also enjoy the slight colour and texture contrast between the two crepes.

I used the unpicked lining for some of the straps, and then cut the bottom off in 3 tiers, all the same height. Then, I stitched them all together into a huge flared strip, and hemmed it! Gathering this up to sew to the bottom of the dress took forever, but it’s worth it. I love gathered tiers!

I was a bit slapdash with the sewing of the straps. Next time I would plan a little more and research the best construction method. I was excited and wanted to get it done and see how I liked the straps, so I just overlocked the edges of the straps and top stitched them down!

I got a little help from a friend pinning the straps in place to make sure it fit how I liked. I fused the shoulder strap area of my bias binding that I applied around the armhole, to prevent stretching and make it easier to handle, while keeping it flexible in the armscye area. That worked well. Probably not 100% necessary though.

My initial work was done by placing the garment on my mannequin and drawing on where my neckline and straps were going to go. I added some additional darts in the bust and the back once I’d cut away the neckline, to improve the fit. This turned out really well!

One thing I didn’t think of was that it would show my bra straps, but I like the look of my bra straps alongside the others. It makes me want to add those extra straps as part of the design if/when I make another. I think the double straps coming out of the front look pretty cool!

I could go braless but I’m definitely not into that. Haha! 

I also refashioned the original wide tie belt into a skinny one to match the straps. I may add belt loops to keep it in place.

Overall I feel really good about this refashion, especially because I’m supporting slow fashion by doing it! I’ve revived something which I didn’t love, into something that feels like me, and that I’ll enjoy wearing! I’ve set the scraps aside for if I want to repair or change it in the future. That’s a tricky one as it can lead to a lot of clutter… HMMM.

Apologies for lack of ‘guts’ shots, I am easing my way back into this ‘blog’ business 🙂

Also, here’s a twirl pic!

One last thing, I’m adding this blog to Bloglovin’, so I’ve put their piece of code in below for that (look, don’t ask me how this works! Hah). Also a good chance to just say, WOW, putting this website together was kind of a nightmare! Hopefully it plays nice from now on… I’m not net-savvy UGH. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose a tonne of followers from my old blog so if you have any tips on that, let me know!

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Anyway, I hope you tune in in future. Please let me know if you have any feedback!

11 thoughts on “Sewn: A refashion”

    1. Thanks for the tip! I have updated the link in ravelry. I really appreciate the reminder, I had forgotten about that! 🙂

  1. This is such a clever refashion, Jo. You didn’t change the bulk of the dress but it just looks so much more modern and fresh. I can see that fashion degree is paying off!

    1. Thanks so much, that’s lovely of you. I’m glad this came up in your feed, Bloglovin’ seems to have a nifty transition feature which was very useful. Great to know it works!

  2. Congrats on the new blog, Jo! And the dress looks great – I really like the straps.

    Looking forward to more, and of course I’d love to see you in person soon, too!

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