Sewn: Vintage Top

Hi guys! I made a black thing! Yeah, I know, why would I make something so hard to photograph?? And besides, black isn’t really my thing. However, the dress code at my new work place is black (ugh), so I will probably be making a few black things. Not the most exciting…sooo, sorry in advance. But hey, there are some upsides. Black can be a good canvas to experiment on – if a design still manages to be interesting when made in black fabric, then it’s probably pretty good!

The pattern is a vintage ‘Style’ pattern from the 1970s.

The first thing I’m really happy with is my bust darts! The first time I made this pattern up, I did it as per the pattern, with gathers sewn to a stay at centre front. It didn’t look very good though, in my opinion. Just kind of puffy and not cute. I thought it would look better as pleats or darts. So I took my original toile, which I’d kept, and re-draped it on my little body-double  mannequin. I was unsure of how they’d turn out, but I’m so happy, they turned out just right!! I was worried they’d end up pointy or in the wrong place, but it totally worked.

I also altered the shoulder seam, but I didn’t do as good a job on this, because I added to the front only, which moved the shoulder seam backwards (this is obvious in hindsight, but at the time I was only focusing on the shoulder shaping!).

OK, so I must admit I rushed this project a little, which didn’t add up to the greatest result. My neckline binding isn’t the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done (a bit crooked!)

Also, the back yoke seam didn’t take to the gathers too well. Sometimes I find that lightweight fabrics stretch out and warp when you try to gather things onto them. I wonder if applying a light fusing or tape along the seam first would stabilise it to make the gathering better? Has anyone else experienced this?

The underarm area is definitely the most annoying part to sew, and I am still wondering what the best way to do that is. I remember it being even more annoying last time, since I used french seams, and I had to clip into the corner where the yoke seam meets the armscye. I hate clipping into things; I try to avoid it!

The fabric is a silk/modal blend, which has a lovely drape but is as persnickety as you’d imagine.

Next time I would want to raise the neckline a lot – I’m not one for deep V-necks! I just don’t think they suit me. In fact V-necks in general are not my thing.

I’m sort of on the fence about making another. I like a lot of the details, so we’ll have to see!


10 thoughts on “Sewn: Vintage Top”

  1. Hey Jo, I like the way this dress looks on you, even the vee neck which is not too deep. I also shy away from the feel of low necks so if I think it’s not too low, it probably isn’t. You are too picky! The first thing I noticed was that the shoulders, and therefore the neck, fit you so well, like a second skin. The dress looks comfortable and like it will stay on all day without needing to be adjusted. I think you will enjoy wearing it to work as often as possible. What a success!

    1. Saying I’m too picky… you’re dead right haha! That sums me up so well. We are our own worst critics! Haha 🙂 Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’ve been enjoying wearing it!

  2. It’s so pretty!!

    Silk modal sounds dreamy to wear but not as fun to sew 🙂 I get what you’re saying about the lightweight fabrics and gathering. Maybe try some knit staytape? Something that won’t change the hand of the fabric but will stabilize it until you’ve sewn the gathered bit to it.

    1. Thank you! You’re right, I bought it going “the drape is soo pretty” but then when I went to cut it, I realised it wasn’t going to make life easy. haha. I think next time I work with a fabric like this I will try the staytape option, or maybe a little bit of the selvage sewn in to stabilise 🙂

  3. Your top looks lovely and really suits you! I love all the wee details on the yoke and shoulders. That’s a shame your work code is black if you don’t really like wearing black, I hope you’re enjoying the new job though!

  4. I think this looks great on you. If you’re not comfortable with the v neck, add a necklace to draw the eye up a little? Also, the shoulders at the back look lovely with that little bit of cap/drape near the armholes. I’d count this as a win!

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