Sewn: The Secretly Separates

Another black thing/ Also made in kind of a rush, because I needed black clothing for work.

This is my own design 🙂

I had fun making it, although there is a previous prototype that isn’t very nice. I am planning to have a tinker with that one in future and see if i can salvage it.. *sigh* Sorry, currently no photos of that. This is why you shouldn’t rush things!

But I’m proud of my creative use of fabric here- I was able make one garment into two!

I took the maxi skirt I had made last year to wear in India, and chopped the hem off to make a skirt and top combo. What can I say, I needed solutions for work and quick. And cheap!

With fabric limitations I had to be careful and creative. There was nothing but tiny scraps left at the end. It didn’t leave me almost anything to tuck in so I had to add an extra panel at the bottom of a different remnant I had!

So the top half is designed to be tucked into the lower half but sneakily look like a dress.  It’s a little slap dash, not my best work, but hey it’s a prototype and it was made in a hurry. eep!

I just notice the blousing looks a bit weird here. I wanted to have some blousing but it has ridden up unevenly! I think having seams through the back isn’t good for blousing as they add too much structure, just a theory.

The things i like best are the loops and buttons. i’ll definitely explore this design further in the future 🙂

I am giving the rest of  my wardrobe a bit of a side eye now, wondering if there’s something I can chop up and give new life to. lol #upcycling

Also, I would like to make this patttern into both a blouse and a dress. We’ll see. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Sewn: The Secretly Separates”

  1. Yah for upcycling! It’s something I’d like to do a bit more of, funnily enough I was giving a dress I made a few years ago a bit of a side eye the other day (as I love the fabric, but I’m kind of not into the style anymore). I love this little top, it’s so cute, especially the buttons xx

    1. Upcycling is great on the wallet too haha! I have a bunch of random kitschy dresses that aren’t really my style anymore but they could be good as something for my niece…

  2. Wow, it is beautiful. I love the buttons. The neckline is really flattering. Sometimes I find the choker neckline can look a bit unbalanced on tops I have seen in the shops, but on your top it looks very elegant, timeless and sophisticated. How do you do it?

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the neckline, it was definitely a process, as my first version certainly did not have the same level of balance. Shaving a few millmetres off made such a difference!

  3. This is beautiful, I especially love the diagonal pleats. It is the most difficult to make black clothing interesting, but you’ve certainly succeeded! Gorgeous and I hope you release a pattern on this one!

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