Knitted: Hooded cardigan

OK, so this took ages… I started it over 2 years ago?? My knitting  has really slowed down, due to life being too busy, and being pretty unwell last year…

So this is the Melia Pattern by Ysolda Teague (link to my notes on Ravelry here). I modified a few parts (as I always do! Look it’s a compulsion, don’t blame me).

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Repairing Threadbare Jeans

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you an inspiring repair technique that really is SO satisfying. You will feel like a cosmetic surgeon of garments 🙂 I did this repair on my husband’s jeans and he was amazed 🙂


And of course, repair is totally in sync with slow fashion ideals. Repair is one of the most sustainable things you can do; extending the life of garments is so important!

Read on for how I did it. 🙂

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