Knitted: Hooded cardigan

OK, so this took ages… I started it over 2 years ago?? My knitting  has really slowed down, due to life being too busy, and being pretty unwell last year…

So this is the Melia Pattern by Ysolda Teague (link to my notes on Ravelry here). I modified a few parts (as I always do! Look it’s a compulsion, don’t blame me).

I think it’s pretty cute, but since I started it so long ago, it’s like my style has evolved a bit, so I don’t know if it’s 100% what I want right now. Hah, I’m sure I’ll still wear it a lot, since all my other long knitted cardigans (RTW) are dying a horrible shabby death right now. Must work on that.

So I don’t know why I re-learn this every time I make something but… never trust the pattern. The increases for the hip shaping were pretty close to each other and I thought “well, I’ll just follow the pattern, it’ll be fine”. Anyway, it ended up making an ugly prominent piece of shaping on the side (too much shaping in one spot!!) So I undid it by laddering up the knitting at those spots, and moved the increases further away from each other. Yes, it took forever, thanks for asking!

Another thing, I noticed the armholes on the sample were very low and baggy so I raised mine. I don’t know that I am a fan of the round yoke. I think this is only my second one; most cardigans I do with set-in sleeves. I think I just prefer the structure of set-in styles.

I also changed the hem of the cardigan AFTER I knit the whole thing in honeycomb stitch as per the pattern!! UGH! By the way, the honeycomb stitch takes FOREVER since it is a bunch of cables! I just decided it looked too bulky and I didn’t like it. So I undid the whole hem and did a folded stocking stitch hem (I didn’t cast off, just sewed the live loops to the inside by hand.)

Looking back, I had to edit the pockets too to make them bigger and I’m pretty sure I had to redo some aspects of them too!

inside of pocket

Ok, one last thing I changed, I didn’t like the choice of neck closure on the pattern, I don’t know, it’s just… not that pleasing to my eye. So I made my own crochet covered buttons, don’t ask me how because I freestyled it a year ago….Hah! Why would I take notes?? That would be far too convenient. Then I made i-cord loops for the buttons  and hand stitched them on.

Melia pattern

Hmm, I guess I’m a little ambivalent about this project all up. I think it turned out fine, I just don’t know if it’s what I’m all about right now. And, I think with wearing it, it may bug me that it’s designed to be worn open and I’ll probably end up pulling it shut all the time. I also have a suspicion this wool is going to pill super easily, because it’s thick, soft yarn that’s knitted relatively loosely.

Anyway, I’m glad I got around to blogging it at least! My current project is heavily cabled and I am kind of wishing for a nice stocking stitch-based project… much easier. What are you knitting right now? Any recommendations?? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Knitted: Hooded cardigan”

  1. I would love a hooded cardigan like yours. I am sure it would be nice and cosy for the colder weather and the length is great as I always like to cover my rear when wearing pants in public

    1. Thanks! Yeah I like my rear covered. A cardigan that hits right at your widest point is imho not flattering, so I prefer to stick with cropped, or properly long!

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